Confucius' Peace Plan

Abolishing war was the common wish of Confucius and his disciples.At the Park of the Nung, Confucius asked his disciples, Zilu, Zigong and Yan Yuan, to debate on a peaceful world. Zilu proposed a war to end all wars, while Zigong proposed diplomacy to end the calamities of the world. Confucius sided with Yan Yuan's peace plan when Yan said that he wished to have an enlightened king or a sage ruler and assist and help him to educate the people whos and music.He would cause the city walls to have no need to be repaired; the ditches and moats to have no foe to cross over them, and the swords and spears to be beaten into plowshares; horses and cattle to be released on the plains and in the moors; homes and families would not have thoughts of separation and bereavement; and in a thousand years there would be no misfortune of warfare and fighting.